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Standards Bulletins Documents

Presidents Message from Mike Swanson

The voting is finished for the location of the United Swallow Club’s annual meet and judge. Congratulations to Des Moines, Iowa and to Hans Schipper as the judge for the show! The show is shaping up to be a fantastic meet! What makes a show a great experience is how everyone comes together to help, the great swallow fanciers and of course the birds. Lots of great times are always had when you have old friends getting together, the opportunity to make new friends and of course the judging and getting seeing everyone’s birds! One thing is for certain about the United Swallow Club, when problems arise, people pull together and “make it happen”! Hopefully, this year will be free of any avian flu closures.
Dave Averbeck, Central District Director, and USC member Gloria Weisgram are working together as the members in charge of the Annual Show. Please give them a call and let them know of any help that you can give them and if you can donate to the club auction. Here again the auction is the mainstay for the monetary needs of the club. Remember to not limit your support and donations to just birds. Also think about books, artwork, and pigeon supplies etc. as items that can be contributed to the auction at our annual meet in Des Moines. One person’s “extras” can be another’s treasure! Also if you have awards to put up to be awarded to birds at the annual meet please send all monies to Elliot Yeske, USC club treasurer. If you have other awards let Dave Averbeck or Gloria Weisgram know so the awards can be included in the premium list. Nate Wayne has also offered his help to pick up Hans Schipper and bring him to the Des Moines show, thanks Nate!
The United Swallow Club Annual Meet in Des Moines, Iowa will be dedicated to Judine Nelson. As you know Judine passed away last spring. Judine was a very big supporter of swallows for numerous decades and held offices in the United Swallow Club including secretary/treasurer. Judine raised numerous colors and markings of swallows over the years. Last year he still had black white bar and black spangle Fairy Swallows. If any members have anything to write about Judine the next couple of bulletins would be an ideal time to do so!
Also, I contacted Nate Wayne to ask him if he would be the chairperson for overseeing the Swallow Standards for the USC to make sure it is up-to-date and if anything needs to be added or changed. Ironically it was April 14th and I’m sure Nate was swamped with tax returns for his clients. Nate never missed a beat and indicated he would be glad to help do this. If you have any concerns or suggestions please let Nate know or contact one of the standards committee members. Now is your time to voice any concerns or suggestions.
A big thank you goes to Chris Auer chairperson for the USC Constitution and By-Laws committee. The revisions and up-dating has passed. The up-dating was very much needed as parts were decades old and definitely needed revising. Also thanks to all the USC members who gave their support and ideas for these changes. Chris made numerous phone calls and emails working to get the needed votes to get this to come to fruition. Thanks Chris and committee members Dave Averbeck, Ron DeClement and Leon Stephens and members that contributed for all your hard work!
Now is a great time to set-up a district meet or meets in your district. All of our district directors are more than willing to help you out if you would like to set one up! All you have to do is ask! The more we show and provide opportunities for fanciers to see our beautiful swallows we create opportunities to bring in new breeders to our club! Another benefit of more district shows is providing opportunities to club members to add to their judging resume and create opportunities to become certified judges!
Certified judge Bill Griebel, as many of you know, is the certified judging chairperson. Bill is eager to help you with the process of becoming a certified judge. Don’t hesitate to contact him for support and to answer any questions you might have or anything that you would like to have addressed in the judging process.
Gary Romig is also working on banners for each of the USC districts for the upcoming show season. The USC is definitely fortunate to have such a dedicated person and artist supporting our club. Again Gary was in the midst of assembling the show catalog for the Pageant of Pigeons and was trying to finish it and I asked him if he would be on the committee for the swallow standard. Gary gladly volunteered to help, thank you! Again everyone’s willingness to contribute and work for the USC is an indicator of the quality of our members and a testimony to our organization!
A couple of final notes, I would personally like to than Brian Goodwin, USC member from New Mexico, for all of his excellent help with importing color pigeons from Europe this past year. Brian is a quality fancier and was always there for Cathy and I during the importation process.
A reminder if you are not getting your USC bulletins through email please send Gary Romig your email address. Email simplifies the bulletin process and you’ll enjoy the quality of the colorful product while saving the club time and money. One last note, last year Judine Nelson had such a simple solution for members needing more bands. If you have any extras this summer let members know you have extras! Have a great year raising your birds!

Photos below from Zwönitz Germany by George de la Nuez
Bohemian Tiger Swallow Blue Rated E97; Valentine Grasl
Blue White Bar Fairy Rated E97; Cor van der Post
Saxon Swallow Blue Rated E97;Ulrich H
Saxon Swallow Yellow White Bar Rated E97;Falko Harnisch