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Standards Bulletins Documents

Hans Schipper Cannot Judge the USC Annual Meet!

Hans announced to the USC that he is having hip replacement surgery which will put him into a long recovery and he will be unable to travel for several months.
USC President, Mike Swanson, quickly checked with Election Commissioner, Chris Auer to find out who had the second most votes for Judge. That Nominee was Ron DeClement. Ron has agreed to come to Des Moines in December as the replacement judge. Ron is long standing USC certified judge for swallows.
Thanks and Well Wishes go out to Hans. He has been a very reliable judge for our Swallows for many years and we would like to have him again in the future.
It is a pleasure that we’re able to rely on our Constitution and By-Laws to guide us to solving this issue.
More thanks to Mike, Chris and Ron. We are back in business this December 9 & 10 in Des Moines.

Presidents Message for Summer 2016 from Mike Swanson

Hopefully, all of you are having a great year raising your birds. So far I’ve had a great year raising birds. However, in years past the next three months are usually my most challenging months for getting the young through the molt. I’ve banded 200+ young.
Numerous things have been happening in the club since the last bulletin. We have a variety of meets that members have been working on and the standard committee is now in high gear updating our standard. Chairman Nate Wayne with committee members Bill Griebel, Gary Romig and Ron DeClement are collaborating on the updating of our standard. Please let them know some of your suggestions. Your feedback is valued and appreciated.
Our annual United Swallow Club Show is being held in conjunction with the Iowa State Pigeon Associations 90th Annual Show on December 9th and 10th, 2016 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa. Entries must be postmarked November 2, 2016 for an entry fee of $5.00 per bird. Late entries must be postmarked by November 9, 2016 for an entry fee of $6.00 per bird. The Iowa State Pigeon Association’s show is a great show and widely attended. Dave Averbeck and Gloria Weisgram are members in charge. Let them know if you have any questions about the meet or would like to help out. Chris Auer is working on donations for the auction so please let him know if you have anything you would like to donate to the USC auction.
The United Swallow Club has a tradition of bringing quality judges to judge our shows. The USC invests a large expense to pay for quality judging which include travel expenses. The main way we can do this is to have a successful auction. Please support our auction by donating items or by purchasing items. If you cannot attend and would like to bid on items or donate items contact members who are attending the show to bid on them for you!
Several other United Swallow Club meets are happening as well. As you may know the NPA National will be in Vancouver, Washington January 12-14, 2017. The USC is hosting a Western District Meet there. Frank Bailey will be the member-in-charge and Mike Cobb will be the judge. Another Western District Meet will be held at the Pageant of Pigeons with Steve Ball as the judge. Additionally, Perry Mueller and Dave Averbeck are working on a meet at the National Young Bird Show.
If you want to sponsor a district meet in your district please contact your district director. Also you might consider Mike Cobb, George de la Nuez, Phil Gonzales, Dave Averbeck, Chris Auer, Tim Starr, John Navant, Jesse Espinosa or Arnold Chaney to do the judging as they have been actively fulfilling requirements to be a USC certified judge.
So put plans in place now to attend our USC Annual Show in Des Moines, Iowa December 9, 10, 2016 and one of our district meets as well. Enjoy the remainder of your summer and get your birds in show condition for our upcoming show season! A reminder, if you have awards to donate or items to donate for our auction contact Dave Averbeck, Gloria Weisgram, Chris Auer or your district director!

Photos below from Zwönitz Germany by George de la Nuez
Bohemian Tiger Swallow Blue Rated E97; Valentine Grasl
Blue White Bar Fairy Rated E97; Cor van der Post
Saxon Swallow Blue Rated E97;Ulrich H
Saxon Swallow Yellow White Bar Rated E97;Falko Harnisch