Bill Griebel
By Gary Romig

Bill Griebel is perhaps the best breeder of Swallows in the US. He has bred many types which include Silesian, Fairy and Fullheads. In addition he is also the top breeder of many other Color Pigeons including Saxon: Shields, White-tails, Monks, Priests, Crescents. Descendents of Bill’s birds are in a great number of lofts throughout the US. Bill has sold quality birds to many people for a long time.

Bill is also a great organizer. He has been instrumental in running the shows for the USC when they occur in association with the Pageant of Pigeons. He has been the President of the USC and the Los Angeles Pigeon Club. He is also an outstanding Judge of Color Pigeons, Swallows and several other breeds.

Bill Started with pigeons quite early. As a child he grew up in a neighborhood with many of his buddies keeping pigeons. His first breed was white Kings. Soon he was raising English Trumpeters. Shortly thereafter Bill discovered that he was a neighbor of Leon Stephens. It didn't take long, and Bill was raising Swalllows and helping Leon with his pigeons. The relationship with Leon has lasted many years and continues to this day. Their relationship was centered around the Los Angeles Pigeon Club of which Bill is an outstanding member. Bill, together with Leon, Tom McCaig, Bill Hawkinson formed the Southern California Color Pigeon Club. This club often cosponsors Swallow shows with the United Swallow Club when they occure in the west.

Bill soon followed Leon with visits to Germany. He made his first trip in 1989. That first trip was a milestone in Swallow advancement. Bill and Leon imported over 150 color pigeons most of them were swallows. They brought from Germany Swallows of a higher quality than any before this time.

While in his early years with Swallows Bill visited Dr. Lynn Hummel where he purchased Blue White Barred Fairy Swallows, his main color of Swallows for many years. Later, Bill bred Black white barred Silesian Swallows and Fairy Swallows, and a little later, blue black barred Silesian Swallows. With these last two colors Bill has achieved a very high degree of success in the show room with many champions.

Bill received the distinguished Master Breeder award for Swallows in 1990

Bill Griebel - below a recent Champion Swallow of his.
Griebels Blue