Bob Benson
By Gloria Weisgram
Bob Benson

Bob Benson of Northfield, Minnesota has received the NPA Master Breeder Award at the 2009 NPA National Convention. He joins breeders Lyn Hummel, Bill Griebel, Dave Harris and Perry Mueller as USC master breeders. A NPA Master Breeder recipient must be able to demonstrate the skill and ability to produce pigeons of outstanding quality that continually win top honors at well known American pigeon shows over a period of 10 years or more.

Bob joined the United Swallow Club (USC) in 1992. Before that time, he had raised a variety of different breeds of pigeons, including swallow pigeons. In 1995, at a show in Des Moines, he purchased a pair of blue check Silesian swallows at the club auction. Shortly after that, Bob acquired two check hens from Cal Breadhoff of Grandville, Michigan and went on to create a small stud of check swallows. He quickly began his climb to the top, winning the National Young Bird Show in 1997 & 1998.

In 2000, Bob had the Reserve Champion at the Grand National in Milwaukee and his first E rating. By 2002, he had both the Champion and Reserve at Louisville, the top young bird at Des Moines and the Grand National winner in Tacoma, which received an E rating from Hans Schipper of the Netherlands.

There has been no slow down as Bob added another major win with an E rated check at Des Moines in 2004. He has had the top Louisville young swallow from 2005 - 2007 and Reserve Champion.

This past season. He followed with his latest win at our USC annual meet when judge Bill Griebel selected his silver check OC as the top bird at Des Moines. Bob may very well be one of our clubs most winning and respected breeders. What is so incredible is the short amount of time it took him to achieve this level of success.

Bob has been elected as our USC Central District Director for his fourth term. He is generous in helping young people get started with swallows. Each year, Bob has given birds to our club auction. He willingly sells or gives quality birds to anyone interested in getting started in swallows and is always available to help a fellow club member.

Bob is a wonderful example of a great pigeon breeder, a credit to his club and a fine supporter of the pigeon and hobby! Congratulations Bob!


Bob Benson - below his recent champion